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Obama’s War on Medical Marijuana

"What I’m not going to be doing is using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue." - Barack Obama, 2008

The state of things, by Michael Scherer in TIME Magazine: 

"In 2011, the Department of Justice revised its guidance to U.S. Attorneys, allowing them to target any medical marijuana activity except for ill patients and their immediate caregivers. The Drug Enforcement Administration has made it clear that “medical marijuana is not medicine,” and even called it a “mortal danger.” The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms has banned the sale of guns to medical marijuana patients. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has told public housing authorities that they can’t rent to medical marijuana patients. And the Internal Revenue Service has reiterated its position that medical pot businesses cannot deduct expenses related to an illegal drug. Fearing federal intervention, many banks are now dropping medical marijuana dispensaries as customers.

In many states, U.S. Attorneys have advised state and local officials to back away from plans to create rules and regulations that would codify the medical pot industry, in some cases raising the possibility that lawmakers could be prosecuted for promoting drug use that is legal under state law. As a result, dispensary openings in states like Delaware, Arizona and Washington have been delayed. Colorado has abandoned a plan to provide legal financing for medical marijuana operations, and a northern California sheriff has been ordered to stop tagging plants as legitimately grown for medical use. In Oakland, the city council was forced to abandon a plan for creating warehouse-sized medical marijuana growing facilities. At the same time, U.S. Attorneys have been seeking the closure of dispensaries in California and Colorado without any demonstration that there are violations of state law. There are no public government statistics about the scale of these efforts, bu medical marijuana advocates say Obama Administration raids on medical pot are happening at a greater clip than in the second term of George W. Bush.”

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D.E.A. loses man. Man almost dies. Stupid nation briefly shocked. Drug War rages on.

I’m watching a lot of argument over this $20 million dollar mistake accidentally orchestrated by our Drug Enforcement Agency. You’re all idiots. Whether it’s “just a mistake” or “a humanitarian crime,” the fucking really obvious point is being left unsaid: if they can LOSE that PERSON for FIVE days, how in the fuck do you think they are tracking or blocking drugs entering the United States?

Once you’re done figuring that riddle out (if you aren’t, I’ll catch you up - they fucking aren’t) take a moment to reflect on the $2 billion in taxpayer dollars that constitutes the D.E.A. Oh, and by the fucking way Mr. “I inhaled frequently. That was the point.” President…I’m not sure this is what your voters meant by hope and change.

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One should not be too straightforward. Go and see the forest. The straight trees are cut down. The crooked ones are left standing.
Kautilya, third century B.C.

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Demonstration #74

I see y’all failing at Twitter/Tumbler. Time to demonstrate - need an outlet for all this new stuff anyway. Tomorrrrrow, niggas & niggarettes. Night.